Tomasz Kruzel

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The series of paintings „12 Sings of Zodiac” is the first phase of an artistic acivity, to which I would like to invite a large number of artists from all around the world.
Astrology – mother of psychology – is a science, which we usually carelessly dismiss. Through an artistic activity in all discriplines of art, we can focus our attention on important phenomena, which directly influence our behavior and life.
Astrological phases bring about cosmic columns of lights, which draw our colorful charakters. In the period of an unocontrollable drive to more and more advanced technologies, it`s high to understand our meaning. Only a man with his rich inner life is a real value of this world. The series „12 Sings of Zodiac” is linked with the permanent cycles in the relation of a man with the Universe, cycles, which are one of the proofs of harmony and beauty, and which confirm the existence of the spiritual side of our lives.

The series „12 Sings of Zodiac” was painted ini 1994 – the Chinese year of a dog. During the process of painting, I studied a lot of professional literauture, but the most important experince came from being with other human begins, from analyzing their behavior, and geting their vibes. These were my private astrological studies, which brought about the series presented here. Each painting shows two figures, a man and a women. Their position reflects each sings of zodiac. Colors build up astrological feeling. In this way one can create many variations – in each discipline of art – on the theme of 12 human energetic points. This is my grain, which I plant in the field of art, hoping for it to come to fruition the benefit of humankind.

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